Kehmen and Koerich

I received the following email from the United States, and wonder if anyone can offer advice/help to the sender? If you email me, I will pass any information on.


Fr Ed

“My wife and I along with 5 of our children and grandchildren are visiting Luxembourg 16 November through 1 December.  We plan to attend Mass at St. Alphonse.

My family immigrated from Kehmen and Koerich and while there wanted to attend Mass at those churches and learn what ever we could about our family. Unfortunately with my limited understanding of the languages I have been unable to find any information or contact persons.
The windows in the church in Kehmen were replaced by my family (Ludivig) after significant damage in the war.  It would be interesting to learn more of story.
Can you refer me to someone in either town?
Dennis Gengler
Roca, NE USA”