New Sunday Mass

As from Sunday 27th November (1st Sunday of Advent) there will be an additional Sunday Mass at St Alphonse. During the winter months (i.e. until Easter) the Mass will be at 17:00, and during the summer months (i.e. until 1st October) the Mass will be at 19:00.

The additional Mass is to relieve the pressure on the 11:15 Mass, which as those who attend it know well, is very full, and with all the children present, quite ‘lively’ to say the least!

The Sunday evening Mass will be quiet and meditative, offering a gentle close to the weekend.

For the time being, arrangements for Readers and Eucharistic Ministers will be informal (ie. not organised by rota). This extra Mass is for an experimental period (duration to be decided) to ascertain if there is sufficient demand.

Fr Ed