Huge thanks for Shoeboxes!

Mail Attachment
Dear Father Ed, Michele, Ana and your enthusiastic teams at home and at church
Congratulations on achieving your fantastic result of 336 boxes.  WOW!  Thank you!  It has been great fun working with Michele , as always, and also meeting Ana and Lydia this year.  What a team of wonderful ladies!

1 314 children
in Romania and Moldavia
will receive boxes from
This Christmas 2016 J
Imagine all those smiles and excited children!
Thank you for your Generous support:
–    Packing boxes
–    Making financial donations
–    Donating box contents
–    Supporting us
For more details and photos:
Boxes bringing joy, hope and love:

Please pass this on to anyone that you know that was part of this year’s project.  Our boxes are all in Trier and they will leave shortly for Romania and Moldavia.
Thank you for making this all possible!
From Jessica 
Luxembourg co-ordinator
This year our aims were to:
·         Collect over 1,000: more than achieved;
·         focus more on boys 2-4 and 10-14: achieved;
·         improve the quality of the boxes: definitely achieved
·         raise the full €8 sponsorship per box – we were not totally successful this year as we averaged €6.70 per box – however we raised more funds in total, namely €8,797
·         having less wastage by giving more detailed info to people, especially the co-ordinators:  they all did a fantastic job, especially when it came to checking the boxes before delivery;
·         create more awareness of this initiative: also achieved.
Did you know that:
·         the estimated value of the boxes and donations totalled 50,000 Euro;
·         about 450 man hours were needed just to pre-check, receive, final check, load and deliver the boxes to Trier;
·         the boxes reflected the time, energy and love that was invested in them.
A VERY big thank you once again to
·         all the co-ordinators in the churches, schools, groups and companies;
·         all the helpers checking, carrying, sorting, covering, loading boxes;
·         Vincent for providing his van for delivery of the boxes