Genealogy request

Received recently:

I am writing from Canada and am hoping that you may be able to help me.
(I found your name on-line on the site for St. Peter and Paul church on rue de Hollerich in Luxembourg City, and it sounded like you understood English.)

I am doing some research on my Bregenzer relatives that at one time lived in Mensdorf, Luxembourg. By 1910, all my relatives with the Bregenzer last
name had emigrated from Luxembourg to North America. Recently, I have received a number of old photos from a distant Bregenzer relative in Chicago.
There is writing on the back of some of the photos that indicate that sometime after 1910, there were still relatives in Luxembourg corresponding with
the relatives in Chicago. (The photos were not dated, nor did they identify the people in the photos or who had sent them.) I am assuming that the
senders must be from the families that married into the Bregenzer family – Hackert, Jacob, Kühn, or Steinmetz.

There are couple of photos of St. Peter and Paul church in Hollerich and writing on the back indicating that the writer was a member of the parish.
I am very interested in finding out who the relatives were that sent the photos and if there still may be relatives living in Luxembourg.

I am not sure that you or the parish staff assists with genealogy research, but if there is someone in the parish that could check the churchbooks
(probably the 1930’s) to see if any of the above names may be found there. (I would be willing to pay for the time involved.) – I am assuming that these
may be elderly people that wrote.

If you require more information, I can send you copies of the photos and what is written on the back as well as any family information that may assist you.
I realize that this is not a lot of information to go on, but that is sometimes the way it goes with genealogy.

Thank you in advance for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Mary Ann Hueser
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

I have replied giving the contact details for Hollerich parish, and promising to advertise the request. If you can help, you can reply directly by selecting the link above. Thanks, Fr Ed.