Christmas Refugee Volunteer Appeal

The refugee service which operated from Gasperich with the aid of many volunteers from our parish community has now moved to the LuxExpo First Reception Centre, along with the services we have helped provide. There is now urgent need for volunteers to help, principally with the serving of meals. Volunteers are asked to sign up on a rota, to work with others at the Centre. With so many people leaving Luxembourg over the Christmas period, there are considerable gaps that need filling. There are other duties that need volunteers also.

The appeal is for you, and for people you know — it is one thing sympathising with the plight of those who have left desperate situations at home, and another to take practical action to help them in their need. Please, if you can, sign up to help. You can find further information and contact details on our parish refugee page, administered by the co-ordinator, John Coughlan of our community.

Thank you.

Fr Ed