Octave Celebration – report

Most of the time I post here to announce events, to remind of what will be happening in our community, or to share news of what is happening in the wider church; this post is more of a report. As part of the Octave, our community was due to lead a liturgy in the cathedral on the theme of exile, migration, and being forced to seek refuge; I couldn’t be present (on retreat in a monastery in Belgium), but thankfully modern retreat houses have WiFi so I was able to follow the liturgy online.

Watching the service, I was deeply moved, and on reflection I understand that this was on several levels: our parish can function beautifully without its priest (the liturgy was clear, well presented, well directed, the music superb, even though (perhaps because?) I was far away. Many thanks to all concerned.

The liturgy reflected several aspects of our community that we should (and already do) celebrate: the deep involvement of our parishioners in what we do, the attention we give to preparation and nourishment of ministries, excellence in our music ministry, and our inclusion of other linguistic communities. We can never underestimate the power of these factors in our mission. The Octave is at the heart of the identity of the church here in Luxembourg, and we were at the heart of the Octave.

Many thanks to everyone from our community who contributed: I mention a few (update me with names I have omitted — after all, I’m in a monastery far from the heart of the action!) John, Caren, Susan, Aindrias, Toni, Lorna, Peter, Kristine and all the music group and everyone.

I felt this was not just an event, but an important moment of growth for our community.

Many thanks, sincerely,

Fr Ed

Here is a link to the video of Toni’s testimony, and below are screen-shots from the video feed.

IMG_0001IMG_0002IMG_0006 (1)IMG_0007 (1)IMG_0004IMG_0005IMG_0009