Niece appeal [update]

Update: I posted this appeal late on Wednesday evening (31 June) and was very grateful to receive very quickly a number of kind, generous offers. I accepted the first that arrived, and wish to thank you who responded so generously, offering to open your home to Ciara. I never fail to be impressed by the openness and generosity of the people of our community. Thank you again,

Fr Ed

This is a personal request: my niece Ciara (16 years old) is coming from Ireland to Luxembourg tomorrow (1st June) to attend a meeting in Clervaux — she is travelling to Thailand with the archdiocesan group (she learned of the trip on this website).

She and her family did not realise that this weekend is probably the busiest weekend in the whole Luxembourg calendar, being the weekend of Pentecost and the Echternach dancing procession. She is looking for accommodation tomorrow (Thursday) night, and Saturday night (3rd June). She’s easy-going and an ideal guest. Is there any couple/family in our community who could put her up for one or both of these nights?

I’m currently in Ireland with my parents, and the couvent St Alphonse is not yet open again, so I can’t offer immediate help.


Fr Ed