Outdoor Mass – this Sunday, 2nd July

Our outdoor Mass and barbecue on 2nd July 2017 will be in the garden of the Archbishop’s residence at 3 Avenue Marie-Thérèse (next to the Konvict Centre) at 11:15.


Due to the ongoing building works at St Alphonse, the garden is not available. Our Parish Council approached the Archbishop about the possibility of us using the garden of his official residence, and he was more than generous in offering us the garden; we have done this once before, and found it to be a fabulous venue: 10 mins walk from St Alphonse (& its parking), much more spacious, and it gives us the opportunity to set up the various spaces — spiritual, for the Mass, practical, for the BBQ, and lots of space for leisure (i.e. children, water-pistols, ball-games etc).

The collection will be taken as usual, and a freewill offering can be made to cover expenses; all proceeds from this offering will be divided between our pilgrimage to Lourdes this year, the Illula Orphanage Trust, which we support, and Garango (Burkina Faso) which has long been a missionary endeavour of the (former) Paroisse Européene, and to which our regular tea/coffee receipts are sent.

The outdoor Mass and BBQ is a significant event for our community (and for others who join us) — we can mingle, meet other people we might otherwise not have the chance to speak with, and strengthen the social aspect of our parish, which in turn strengthens the spiritual aspect (and vice-versa).

Put the date in your diary!

Fr Ed