All Saints/All Souls

This coming week, we celebrate two important feasts of the Catholic Church: on Wednesday 01 November, we observe the feast of All Saints: all the saints of God whom we believe to be in heaven. The following day, Thursday 02 November, we pray for all the faithful departed, those we have loved and lost, whom we commend to God’s mercy. Mass times at St Alphonse are slightly different from previous years:

Tuesday evening, 31 October, Vigil of All Saints: Mass in English at 19:00

Wednesday morning 01 November Mass of All Saints at 11:15

Wednesday evening 01 November Mass of All Saints at 17:00

Thursday evening 02 November, Mass for all our Faithful Departed 19:00

Times of Masses at St Alphonse in other languages available at (note ‘Paterekierch’ = the church of St Alphonse).

Thank you,

Fr Ed