Snapshot of ‘normal’ weekends

Each weekend, I have to be very alert to keep track of all that is going on preparing for, and celebrating, our 3 English language Masses. I sat down to reflect why this might be the case, and quickly realised it’s the sheer scale of our operations. So I thought I’d put something down on ‘paper’ to help us grasp the huge level of involvement in our celebrations (and here I do not mention the immense amount of social justice and other engagement — they are for other postings).

A ‘snapshot’ of our 3 weekend Masses at St Alphonse, and what goes on behind the scenes…
Months in advance, rotas are published as to who will fulfil which ministries will be exercised during each Mass (Readers, Eucharistic Ministers, writers of Prayers of the Faithful, Altar Servers,  Children’s liturgy catechists, Music Group, Counters: so,

On Saturday evenings,

  • there is a reader;
  • there are 3 Eucharistic Ministers;
  • someone has prepared the Prayers of the Faithful;
  • there are collectors,
  • an MC, altar-servers,
  • and people who help tidy-up the church after Mass

esitmated general attenance, between 120 & 200 people

On Sunday mornings:

  • Someone who prepares the gifts: chalices, hosts — 6 people for Offertory Procession, 4 collectors;
  • Someone who organises Mass leaflets/Mass cards
  • Someone who supervises parking
  • Children’s Liturgy catechists (2+ people)
  • Altar Servers (minimum 5, often 10+) with adults who supervise servers
  • 2 Readers
  • 7 Eucharistic Ministers
  • Music Group (minimum 15) with technical assistants
  • Children’s/Young person’s choir, rehearsal after Mass
  • Money counting team (minimum 2 people)
  • First Holy Communion catechists & parents, normally 5 or 6; this year, 50 children have classes during Mass
  • Tea/Coffee team (normally minimum 4 people) serving refreshments, raising money for missionary projects
  • Help putting everything away after Mass
  • Priest (1)

estimated general attendance, between 600 & 700 people

On Sunday evenings (‘Quiet Mass’)

  • Help with preparing for Eucharistic Adoration
  • servers (between 2 & 4)
  • 1 reader
  • 3 Ministers of the Eucharist
  • 2 Collectors
  • Help putting everything away after Mass

estimated general attendance, between 120 & 200 people

If you want to check the numbers, see the rotas here on and come and count!

So many thank-yous to so many people!

Fr Ed