Translators needed

Translators needed
From time to time we receive letters and other documents, written in French,  of significance to our parish community. We need translations into English, and occasionally help with composing a response in French. A member of our community has kindly been helping us in this regard, but suggests that as we have so many people who translate/interpret as part of their work, it would be good to share the task. The appeal: can we have volunteers to be part of a team willing and able to translate from French to English, and vice versa ?

Letters/documents include the Archbishop’s Pastoral Letters, invitations from the archdiocese to participate in events, and letters pertaining to the relation between our parish community and the Redemptorist community at St Alphonse.

The tasks for the team are not numerous, one or two documents per month, so for individual volunteers this would be a very occasional task.

If you can do this, and can spare the time, your help will be gratefully received.

Thank you,

Fr Ed