Solidarity with victims of Christchurch attack

From our community, addressed to the Muslim community and friends in Luxembourg:
We learned with shock and great sadness of the recent attack on mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, in which 50 people were killed and many others were injured. Apparently this outrage was motivated by racial and religious hatred. We wish to profess our profound sympathy for and solidarity with those who are bereaved and those who are suffering — such acts are abhorrent and always to be condemned. We believe all people are created equal, and worthy of the same dignity, justice and respect, regardless of race, religious belief, social status, or any other factor. We hold in prayer all those who are suffering, those who have died, and all those who work for good relations between different faith communities, and who work for peace.

Please share this message as appropriate.
Father Ed Hone

Father Ed Hone CSsR
Parish Priest, International English-speaking  Catholic Community
Church of St Alphonse
(Parish of Luxembourg Notre-Dame)
32 Rue des Capucins
L-1313 Luxembourg

We received the following reply from Shoura – Assemblée de la Communauté Musulmane du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg: 

Many thanks for your kind message of sympathy and solidarity following what happened in Christchurch in New Zealand.
We will continue to work for good relationship between the different communities here in Luxembourg.  We strongly condemn all the terrorist attacks against innocent people as terrorism has no religion. We have seen in the past similar attacks against a church in Charleston, a synagogue in Pittsburgh, a mosque in Canada, in London and now in New Zealand and as you said all lives are equal, and worthy of the same dignity regargless of race, religious belief, social status, or any other factor.
Kind regards,