Marche des Péres – report

The 4th annual Marche des Péres took place this year on 23rd March, the Saturday closest to the feast of St Joseph. The pilgrimage walk, for fathers of young families, was from Trois Vierges to Clairvaux abbey, a route of approximately 20km, through fields, forests and up and down plenty of hills! Three priests accompanied the 21 other fathers  and the sole female walker that somehow misunderstood the title of the walk and wondered why she was the only woman! There was a joyful, friendly ambience and a couple of welcome picnic stops.

Up until now the language spoken has mainly been French, but as there were six English-speaking members of our community, the day as, as usual in Luxembourg, multi-lingual. If you’re a father of a young family, look out in March next year for the next trek — it’s both very enjoyable and a good spiritual experience.

I understand there is an equivalent walk for mothers in June, but do not as yet have the details.

Fr Ed


The very visible St Joseph and his more modestly attired pilgrims!


Picnic time — again…