Easter attacks in Sri Lanka

Fr Ed writing:
One of my Redemptorist confrères here at St Alphonse, P. Jude Kulas, is from Sri Lanka. I expressed to him my/our immense sadness and our our solidarity of spirit regarding the recent terrorist attacks in his country of origin, which cost over 300 lives. Many of those killed and injured were Christians, celebrating Easter. All people of good will condemn such inhuman acts and seek ways of living in peace and harmony with their neighbours.

We recently sent a message of sympathy and solidarity to the Muslim community in Luxembourg concerning the deadly attacks in Christchurch, New Zealand, and received a gracious response. I was gratified (and not surprised) when I saw on their website their condolences for the victims in Sri Lanka. We happily work together with all people who reject division, hatred, sectarianism and xenophobia — and commit ourselves continually to co-operation, unity, dialogue and peace.

Fr Ed