First Holy Communion 2019

This year as a community we have enjoyed 3 wonderful celebrations when 66 children and 2 adults have received their First Holy Communion.
Many of the families involved have expressed their appreciation for the time spent by the catechists in preparation for the sacrament and the effort that went into preparing the liturgy for the Masses:
‘I felt an immense joy and love in my heart and soul and also around us. Jesus was there.’
‘The service was full of life and wonderful energy.  Thank to all of you and the incredible team of people helping the Parish’.
‘From the bottom of my heart, I just would like to say an immense thank you to all of you for making that Mass such a wonderful unforgettable Celebration.’
‘Special thanks Robert for teaching us over the last months, guiding us so well during this beautiful sacrament and for the flowers.  To you both, Kristine and Helen for teaching us marvellous songs and playing beautifully for us every Sunday.’