Quarterly ‘snapshot’ of our community

We are all aware that our English-speaking Catholic community is active, busy, and very much engaged in the wider community of Luxembourg and beyond; recently, our Pastoral Council has commissioned a quarterly report (with the intention that it become monthly) which acts as a record, albeit partial, of what we do. At first glance, this report might seem simply statistical: but the reality is that behind every number is hidden a world of engagement, of administration, of time generously given for the flourishing of our community and the growth of the Kingdom of God. Not included in the report are the regular meetings of different groups (eg. Christian Meditation, prayer groups for women and men, the time and energy willingly and joyfully expended by our musicians, catechists, ministers of Word and Sacrament, hospitality ministry, ministry to people and communities in need, Confession/pastoral counselling by the priest, sick-visits, our close contact with the local church in Luxembourg, and our close Christian neighbours in the Anglican and evangelical churches here, our nascent relations with the Jewish and Muslim communities, with whom we maintain active contact, etc).

Published here is simply the opening page of the report — in time we will be able to publish the sections regarding our Pastoral Council sub-committees (liturgy, diakonia, youth, finance, social/pastoral, catechesis, compliance, safeguarding.

Here is one view of our parish. I present it as a mirror, allowing us to reflect on who we are and what we do; I present it also, and perhaps chiefly, as a challenge: how engaged are we, as individuals, groups and families, and what more can we do? If we are not, as a community, growing, we are diminishing — and we are not here to manage decline: we are here to reach out, to make a difference, to work alongside the Lord of the harvest.

Comments and suggestions always welcome via the parish office!

I hope and pray our regular reports help us to be transparent in terms of what we do, informing and underlining our commitment

Fr Ed

2019 Apr – Jun