Storming heaven for a church

The main body of the church of St Alphonse remains closed due to the ongoing works on the tiled floor, damaged by the recent heatwave. We have been welcomed by the churches of Bonnevoie, St Michel and Limpertsberg, but from the end of August, our principal Mass on Sunday, does not yet have a home. We are making every effort to find a church willing and able to accommodate our community for our 11:15 Mass, but so far to no avail. We can, of course, be flexible with the time; other spaces, such as sports halls, are also being explored as possibilities.

This is an opportunity for us to storm heaven — to pray, pray and pray again for a solution. Will you commit to pray daily that our 500-600 strong Sunday morning congregation will be able to celebrate Mass with a roof over our heads?

Our faith tells us that our prayer will be answered, in God’s way and in God’s time — but an answer will come. In the longer term (at present we do not have a schedule) we should be able to return to our normal community worship in St Alphonse. In the meantime, St Michel continues to welcome us on Saturday and Sunday evenings. As for the rest, we pray!

Thank you,

Fr Ed