IOP: Farm for the Future

Important message from Ilula Orphanage Program:

The treasurer of IOP Lux, Tom O’Dea was in Tanzania at the end of August this year to attend the Farm for the Future advisory board meeting. This meeting issued a document which was later signed by the top official in the Kilolo district,

The Statement is a ‘Statement of Commitment’ to Farm for the Future (FFF) written by its advisory board and explains the underlying point of this organisation as well as it’s hopes and expectations. To read the statement please click STATEMENT

The people of Tanzania need a sustainable future of their own and it is through  projects such as this, that they will have the opportunity to achieve that future.

As  friends/supporters of IOP (who began this initiative and own 51% of FFF plus the land), we would ask you to please read this document and share it with as many people, companies or organisations as possible. FFF needs investment if it is going to continue to work and more importantly to grow.

More information can be found about FFF here and about the associated training NGO here: