2 Conferences in November

The Conférence St Yves is an association of Catholic Lawyers and friends in Luxembourg, and regularly organises conferences on a range of subjects. The most recent conference, in October, was on Cardinal Newman who was recently canonised in Rome.

Two upcoming conferences (open to all) promise to be interesting also: The Protestant Bishopric in Jerusalem — its origins, development and legacy (November 11th)  The Holy Land is of great importance to Jews, Christians and Muslims — and of course to the major Christian denominations. This conference will shed light on the Protestant presence in Jerusalem and environs — the establishment of this Protestant bishopric was a significant factor in the conversion of John Henry Newman to Catholicism. for further details about the conference and details on how to register see the flyer here.

The second conference of the month (19th November) is on The Law and Drugs — the question of the legalisation of Cannabis in Luxembourg. This topic reflects a debate happening in Western Europe and throughout the Western world. Details and registration information on the flyer here.