3 great events

This weekend, Saturday/Sunday 7th-8th March was a (typically) busy weekend for our community. We welcomed 7 couples for the Marriage Preparation course, this time given by Glenn and Lisa; as usual, we celebrated the Vigil Mass at 19:00 Saturday; this morning (Sunday) we met at the Gëlle Frau, were visible at the cathedral, and processed to St Alphonse, marking the International Day for Women. In our Catholic community, we were highlighting our wish/prayer/demand for equality in church life. Marcella was our organiser and animateur, and thanks to her efforts and those of others, the message was communicated — women should have equal voice and influence in the Church at every level. Our 3rd significant even was the 11:15 Gospel Mass, where we welcomed Lerato Shadare and the Gospel Choir. Lerato inspired, motivated and rehearsed 45 people in Gospel music, and this choir led our worship at Mass today — their presence gave us an added layer of musical experience; we already have a wonderful music ministry in our community, but it was good to hear a different tradition, and to learn from what we heard.

So here is a request… do you have good photos/video footage of any of the above events that we might publish online? If you can send what you have to the parish office, that would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks to Lisa and Glenn, to Marcella and team, and to Lerato and choir for an uplifting couple of days.

Fr Ed