Eucharistic Adoration online? A Question…

Eucharistic Adoration online

We are wondering how best we can respond to our present ‘shutdown’ situation, maintaining our Catholic community identity, whilst at the same time observing necessary health and safety guidance.

We have started (via FaceBook) broadcasting moments of prayer, where we can participate live online in prayer, or look at the recordings later. Our first attempt (Sunday 15 March) seems to have been well received.

Are you interested in Eucharistic Adoration online… that is to say, a live-streamed video of the Blessed Sacrament exposed from the couvent of St Alphonse (the church building has no internet connection). We could do this for, maybe, one hour each day. Acknowledged, it would not be the same as being in the direct presence of the Blessed Sacrament, but the Lord would be with you just as much.

If sufficient members of our community are interested in this, we can make it happen.

What are your thoughts? Let us know

Thank you,

Fr Ed