Eucharistic Adoration online — daily from this evening

In view of the positive response received regarding interest in Adoration online, this service will begin this evening. It is foreseen that Adoration will be twice a day, from 11:00-12:00 midday, and from 21:00-22:00. The evening session will finish with Compline, Night Prayer of the Church at 21:50. Leaflets with the order of Compline will be posted at each day, until the whole week is covered: you can print and join in.

Adoration online is not ideal; when we adore the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, he is hidden in the form of bread. When we see the Sacrament online, it is with another layer of hiddenness — a sign within a sign, as it were; but he is present with us in our devotion and prayer — he can negotiate the theological complexities of the situation!

Online Adoration will be for the duration of the present closure of St Alphonse.

Please give feedback, indicating if you find this devotion online useful/helpful or not.

Thank you, Fr Ed

I have to add here that Fr HP is totally opposed to this initiative, and has asked me to make clear he dissociates himself from it completely. I respect his views and his decision in this regard.