Facing Unusual Times – Part IV – by Fr HP

This is the fourth post sent to you with a view to try and help you while “Facing Unusual Times”.  This post is available as a written document by clicking on the flyer below or as a recorded file by clicking here

We will be back next Monday and we will continue reading The Mass on the World by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin next week.

Meanwhile you will find in today’s pdf file (see below) some tips which you may find helpful to accompany you this weekend on your spiritual journey. Some of those suggestions to pray are directly based on Part I of The Mass on the World by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin which we read this past week. Some of those suggestions are based on the Scripture, inspired by the same text.


Each suggestion is meant for a separate time of prayer. You may choose one or the other. You may also use all of them if you decide to pray several times this weekend…

“Our help is in the name of the Lord, the Maker of Heaven and Earth” (Ps 123 (124), v. 8)