Mass each morning

I will be celebrating Mass online each morning at 10:00, at least until next Sunday 19th April, after which we can review what best serves our community. I have resisted this move, as in my 32 years as a priest I have never celebrated Mass by myself, without any other person present — I believe strongly that a priest is called to celebrate Mass to serve the community, and not as a private devotion. However, in these exceptional times, I feel called to modify my practice, and if we are together online, it is a community celebration. Please join us each day at 10:00, sing the hymns, make the responses, make your spiritual communion. Together we are stronger, more hopeful, and supportive of each other.

Mass will be followed each day by Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament until 10:50, and our online prayer will finished with Benediction.

United in faith,

Fr Ed