Covid-19: a poem by a member of our community

The poem below was written by Jacky Gentiles, a member of our community and published by RTL Today.  We thank her for giving permission for it to be shared here.

Hello Covid-19, Goodbye….!

Because we don’t need you at all,

People are suffering,

People are on panic buying,

People are even dying.

Hello Covid19, Goodbye…!

Because we want our life back,

Our life when we are free,

Our life when we can smile,

Our life when we can travel safely.

Hello Covid-19, Goodbye….!

Because we are holding on for better tomorrows,

We are longing to see our loved ones,

We are longing to be with our friends,

We are longing to feel the happiness in our hearts.

Hello Covid-19, Goodbye….!

Because you are only a virus,

We are humans and we have our Lord God,

We have him to protect us,

We have him to heal us,

And with this, we claim!