Copyright issues

We broadcast our Masses and other services via FaceBook, and usually I play recorded music (for example, during Adoration). I then receive a FB message to say that copyright has been breeched. This is true, and of course not fair to the copyright owners. The problem seems not to be with live broadcasts, but with recordings; consequently, I will, going forward, as advised by FB, delete recordings which include the intellectual property of 3rd parties. As regard to the live broadcasts, I’ll publish in advance what music is playing, and where one can purchase it online (as download or CD). We’re learning all the time!

Thank you for supporting our online prayer/Masses — if we can find further means to give spiritual support to our community, we will, as they say, be on to it!

Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts; even though for the most part, it’s through the window!

Fr Ed