Children’s liturgy via Zoom

Our Children’s Liturgy catechists are aware that it will still be some time before we are able to come together for Mass in St Alphonse; therefore they would like to set up a Children’s Liturgy session each Sunday morning via Zoom (the online meeting tool).  If you have already registered your child/ children with the parish, you will be emailed the details with the meeting invite.

To meet safeguarding requirements if you have not yet registered your child / children, please complete the registration form which you can find here: Children Liturgy Registration

Please return the completed form with a copy of your ID (ID card, or passport or driving licence) to the parish office by Friday 12 noon at the latest:  You will be sent the details of the session.  You will be asked to provide details of the information submitted when you log in with your child.  If you have any questions please email or phone the parish office.