Bible Study Group Relaunch: An Enquiry – Last Call


Last February, on the occasion of Lent, a Bible Study Group was launched.
It has been suspended by the pandemic.
It may be relaunched depending on the interest of the community.



The aim of a Bible Study Group is to give members of our community an opportunity to read Scripture together, to know them better, to understand them better, and therefore to be better “prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have” (1P 3, 15).


How Often?

The new Bible Study Group would meet on a monthly basis.


How long?

Each session would last about 75 min, in any case no longer than 1 ½ hour.
The exact time will be agreed with those interested (18:30? 18:45? 19:00? …)



Wednesday evening



Salle Saint Ignace – 23, Avenue Gaston Diderich (Belair)



Pre-registration required by mail for each session.
It is not necessary to come to every session.


If you are interested by such a proposal, or have any question or suggestion to make, please send a message to Fr HP at