15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Readings  NM p. 887;

Readings OM 843

Preface I NM. p. 499

Eucharistic Prayer III NM 475

First Reading Deuteronomy 30:10-14
Moses tells the people that in their observance of the Law, God is very close to them.

Psalm 68

Second Reading Colossians 1:15-20
Jesus Christ is God made visible, and it is he who holds all  things together. As the Church is his body, so Jesus Christ is the head.

Gospel Luke 10:25-37
The key to life, and the key to eternal life, is not in the observance of thousands of laws, but essentially in loving God and neighbour with our whole heart. In answer to the question, ‘who is my neighbour?’ Jesus tells the beautiful story of the Good Samaritan — the stranger who helped, when all others passed by.


Opening: 708 Holy God, we praise thy name
Kyrie: Taizé
Gloria: Lourdes
Psalm: said
Gospel Acclamation:  Bodley
Offertory: 603 Blest are you Lord,
Communion: 979 O the Word of my Lord
Closing: 960 Guide me O, thou great Redeemer