As our time in Hollerich draws to a close, so, temporarily, does our provision of tea, coffee and cakes after Mass. This is a pity: not only does it give us a chance to socialise and catch up with each other, but it has also been a significant source of revenue for the project we support in Garango, Burkina Faso. This year, including €50 from the Maltese children’s baking session, we are sending over €1,900 to Garango from the tea & coffee fund — a great achievement, adding to the regular amounts sent over the years. Thank you to Annette Power and to all who have helped prepare and serve the refreshments over the years, and all who have contributed to the funds. To those who have been serving, and those who haven’t yet helped, don’t get too comfortable — we hope you’ll be back on duty soon!

Fr Ed

UPDATE: Annette has done the maths, and from our arrival in Hollerich to our departure in 2013, the tea/coffee provision after Sunday Mass has raised over 34,500 euro. This is amazing: the constant, faithful efforts of a few, with the support of the many, can accomplish great things! Annette, and all who have helped and contributed in so many ways over the years, Thank You.