As announced at Mass recently, this evening we begin our MONDAY PRAYER this evening at 19:00. MONDAY PRAYER is an opportunity for informal silent prayer before the Blessed Sacrament exposed, followed by light refreshment. It will take place each week at the same time in the parish meeting room (in the garden of St Alphonse, on the opposite side to the church). All are welcome to drop in for a few minutes, or stay for the whole time (usually around 40 minutes of prayer). This is very much a ‘testing of the water’ — if it proves useful and popular, it will be developed; if not, it will give way to something else.

We already have Venite Adoremus each Tuesday in St Alphonse from 20:15 onwards; this is well attended, but being in church is necessarily more formal, and includes reading and singing; MONDAY PRAYER is to complement Venite Adoremus.

Eucharistic Adoration (as this kind of prayer is sometimes called) is focussed on our Risen Lord present under the appearance of bread; it can be a particularly intimate form of prayer, helping us to open our mind and heart to the presence of Christ. Any questions or suggestions happily received.

Fr Ed