A message from Tom Cranfield of our parish regarding an important pilgrimage opportunity:

“The Luxembourg branch of The Order of the Holy Sepulchre of  Jerusalem is organising a pilgrimage from Luxembourg to the Holy Land from 3rd November to 13th November inclusively. Three of us from the English speaking Catholic Community in Luxembourg are members of the Order.

The Order is a made up of lay men and women from all over the world whose commitment is to provide material support to  Christians in the Holy Land and to help with the running cost of the Latin Patriarchate in Jerusalem.
The cost is not yet finalised  but I expect somewhere around €1500 – €2000 each, although this a pure guess on my part. It could be more. To calculate the cost it is necessary to know the approximate numbers. Non members of the Order usually make up about half our group and although the languages will be predominantly  Luxemburgish and French, many members speak very good English. We would very much welcome some English speakers on our pilgrimmage.
This is not altogether a holiday and it would not be suitable for small children (teenagers upwards would be fine) nor for those with mobility difficulties…..one needs to be a lttle bit fit.  Our secretary would like to know the numbers fairly soon.
If any members of our English speaking community would like to participate I would be grateful if they could contact me in the next ten days to discuss. My e-mail is cranfield@vo.lu and my home phone is 495210. At this stage and until the cost is finalised no firm booking is being made and all discussions will be provisional and tentative.
But it will be a spiritual event in your life if you join us, it will be very simple but will be most interesting as you can see from the programme, and it will not be time on our knees with Rosary beads. Rather it will be prayer by doing….. visiting, seeing and meeting local Christians who are under such pressure at the moment.  At some point everyday there will be Mass.
I would be gratefull if you could bring this to the attention of our Community.
Fr Ed adds: a pilgrimage to the Holy Land is the oldest and most important Christian pilgrimage of all: visiting the biblical sites, walking in the footsteps of Jesus and his disciples, and praying in each place is a wonderful experience, indeed, the experience of a life-time. I am happy to recommend this pilgrimage — especially as organised by the Order of the Holy Sepulchre, who do so much to support and promote the presence of Christians in the land which is the birth-place of the Church.