Since publishing this article, I have received pictures of another church with doves, this time in Italy. And already 45 doves have flown in! Keep them coming…

Perhaps 1,000 is being too optimistic, but it would be wonderful if we could decorate St Alphonse with origami doves in time for Pentecost (24th May), which would then be in place for our Confirmation Mass the week after. The idea for the doves came from a parishioner who saw origami doves decorating a church in Munich — see the photos below. It would be even more meaningful if each dove had a name or names written inside, representing our prayers for the guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit.


There are plenty of online tutorials to help us: here are some YouTube links: dove 1, dove 2, dove 3. The more doves we can produce, the more inspirational our collage will be in the church. There is origami paper available in church at the cabinet for Mass cards, next to the tea/coffee serving table. Please take 3 or 4 sheets (or more if you are really dedicated!) and return your doves as soon as possible, and certainly by 24th May.

The symbolism of a dove representing the Holy Spirit comes from the gospel accounts of the Baptism of Jesus, for example in Mark’s gospel: ‘And just as he was coming up out of the water, he saw the heavens torn apart and the Spirit descending like a dove on him’ (Mark 1:10)

So let’s have a pitying or a piteousness of doves (what great collective nouns!) to enhance our celebrations!

Fr Ed