Ministry of Readers

If you are on the Readers’ rota, you will have received the following email from Caren Baviera, the Co-ordinator. This is a reminder regarding dates, times, and letting Caren know which of the meetings you will be attending. The input will be spiritual and practical. I hope you can come! Thanks, Fr Ed.

“Dear Readers,
In October, there will once again be an opportunity for “old” and new readers to get together for a brief refresher/induction meeting. Two alternative dates are proposed: Saturday, October 3rd  or Saturday, October 17th. The venue is St Alphonse, in the room where the children’s liturgy takes place. Starting time is 10am sharp, and the duration will  be about 45 minutes. We would particularly like to hear from you about any issues you might have with the way we handle the  reading ministry. I do hope that you will all be able to come to one of these sessions – we have always found them inspiring and helpful in the past, and I am sure that Fr Ed will pull out all the stops to make sure that it is so this time around, too!

Over the next few weekends, Fr Ed will be mooting the idea of having the Prayers of the Faithful being prepared by the faithful rather than by the celebrant, during the Advent season. He will be announcing two information meetings on the subject, at 11am on the same dates, and at the same venue,  as the readers meetings above. These meetings are open to all, not just to readers, as the two functions would be quite independent (though I would be organising a roster for each). However, I do hope that some of you may be interested in taking part in this exercise, or at least in finding out more about it. So do please feel more than welcome to attend both!

I’d be grateful if you would let me know in advance whether you can attend a readers’ meeting on 3rd or 17thOctober or not; and specify if for the Prayers of the Faithful meeting as well.