An upcoming concert in the church of St Alphonse touches on an important and very current theme:
PLEASE DON’T CLOSE YOUR DOORS will take place in St. Alphonse church on Friday, the 9th of October at 19:30.

It’s going to be a special concert indeed, performed by a Polish bard and song-writer, Paweł Orkisz,

For over 30 years Paweł has been sharing his interest in ballads, interpreting Russian songs as well as these of Leonard Cohen. He regularly plays at Sunday Mass in a old, little church in Kraków (Poland) and has been doing so since the early 90s, giving praise to God by his music and sharing his faith with others.
‘Don’t close the doors’ is the title of the of Paweł’s CD, which includes his own songs and an interpretation of religious texts. However, it’s also a metaphor describing his openness towards God and towards people expressed throughout his music. You can sample Pawel’s music here:
The Prayer

Song about Friendship

Three Sisters – Faith, Hope and Love

Fr Ed