Here is a message from Judith Golooba of our community regarding her recent appeal for mosquito nets, to guard children in Malawi against malaria:

Dear Friends

You have made a tremendous contribution to my “Mosquito Nets for Malawi Appeal”.

Altogether your contributions in cash amounted to 2500euros and I have received 30 mosquito nets!!!

I promised to keep you informed of progress and here is the beginning: I intended to go to Malawi over the summer but  due to various matters in Malawi, I am now going in October. I have made contacts in Lilongwe where I will be based.

With the help of Sister Veronique Weis of Open Hand for Malawi ( whom I have contacted and who has promised to help me visit villages in Namitete, Malawi, where they do their mission work, I have mapped out my final itinerary.

I leave on 31st October and return on 12th November. I hope to take pictures of all those I will help and keep you updated as to how many nets I ended up buying and distributing. I will also indicate how much I will have used for travel and food in Malawi.

Thank you again for your generosity!

Yours Sincerely