I’ve been in Luxembourg over three years now, and one issue keeps presenting itself. It’s taken me a while to understand it, but it’s there nevertheless. There are a significant number of Catholic women and men who live and work in Luxembourg, value and try to live their Catholic faith, who are single, but who would would be happy to meet others in the same situation — to share experiences, support each other in faith… and maybe more…

Many single young people are in Luxembourg, at a distance from their families, and are trying to maintain their moral principles when the values of many of their colleagues are significantly different from their own. The question is, ‘Do I give in, because I’m lonely or afraid of being alone?’ Or do I hold out, hoping to meet my ideal partner, the one who shares my values, whilst at the same time I’m risking being left by myself, isolated from others?

If you are in the situation described above, and are interested in meeting with others in the same position (for talking, pizza, spiritual reflection — whatever) please let me know. You are already a valued part of our community, and we wish to support you in any way we can.

Fr Ed