Marie Roy, a member of our parish, is a qualified Personal Coach. She writes the following:

Your full potential: explore what personal coaching has to offer
Coaching is a co-creative process whereby change is evoked and sustained in a person’s life.
As a coach I accompany you in discovering your full potential and a richer and more purposeful
professional and personal life. Throughout the coaching process, a safe, confidential place is
created where people can think about the
direction of their lives and build an essential foundation for
approaching a number of important decisions – and develop the
confidence to deal with them.

Some specific situations where coaching has helped clients include the
following:  persons who feel “stuck” in a personal or professional
situation and fall into the trap of black-and-white, either/or thinking;
busy working mothers wanting  to move ahead in their careers yet find
time to replenish themselves and inspire their families;  adolescents
who are struggling with factors that block  their success-
procrastination, disorganization – and finally persons who are “just
existing” and feeling the need to reconnect with their life purpose
and gifts.  Above all, personal coaching means that you don’t have to
do everything on your own and that there’s someone who can help you to
reconnect with your resourcefulness, courage and purpose in life.

Marie’s CV and credentials are available for inspection, and she may be contacted by email

Fr Ed