On Wednesday 11 November we held the first meeting of ‘Catholic, Single and Willing to Mingle’ — for single people who might benefit from meeting others in the same situation. This meeting was exploratory, seeing what ideas might emerge, and from these ideas a direction for the group  should take shape. Meetings could be social, spiritual or informative, or any combination of these…
10 people were able to make the meeting, with others asking to be kept up-to-date, unable to attend for one reason or another.

The sense of the meeting was warm, interested and tentative: everyone present wondering what the result would be, and whether it would be of benefit to them and to others. I explained I would be present only as and when requested to be there.

A variety of types of get-togethers was considered — here are some of them in approximate order of popularity:

  • Simply meeting to socialise, talk and relax with something to eat and drink
  • Sunday afternoon ramble together
  • Tourist trip/pilgrimage/day out together
  • A shared task together, associated with social justice (working together on a project to benefit others)
  • Film/movie evening
  • Shared Sunday lunch, in apartment or at St Alphonse
  • Discussion evening, perhaps with speaker
  • Prayer together: silent/bible study/open prayer (i.e. readings, songs, music)

Wednesday evenings and weekends were agreed to be the best times to meet; membership to be informal, with people free to be as involved only as much as they wish to be.

This exploratory meeting was encouraging and confirmed that there are people who wish to participate, and who have much to offer. I would really value your input if you are Catholic and single, and if you are interested in becoming involved. You can contact me here.

Fr Ed