Safeguarding Day – Reminder

Introducing Safeguarding

Introducing Safeguarding:  10:30 — 15:30, Saturday 6th May, Centre Jean XXIII

After (literally) years of work, and invaluable consultations with experts (mainly in the UK), we finally have a parish Safeguarding Policy. It has taken so long because we wanted a policy which represents best practice, reflects the complexity of life in Luxembourg, and can best serve our particular circumstances as a parish community.

It should be self-evident that our Catholic Christian community should be a nurturing, safe, up-building environment for all its members and for all who come into contact with us — but to ensure clarity regarding our commitment to Safeguarding in general and particular terms, the principles we follow, and the practical arrangements we have in place, it is necessary to publish, to educate (and to continue to learn) and to evaluate our practice so that we can best live that to which we are committed.

Our overall Policy Statement can be found here, and is on our noticeboard at the back of church; it includes our general statement of intent, and useful contact details.

Protecting our community is not simply the concern of the Parish Priest, nor of the Parish Council — it is the concern of every single one of us, and particularly of every one of us who minister, who perform any service in the name of our community, whether it be eucharistic minister, catechist, server of tea and coffee, etc.

Please come along to Introducing Safeguarding. The day is being led by Bridget Hanlon from HCPT UK, experienced in the field of Safeguarding, and an animated, experienced presenter. Bridget will introduce us to the full Policy document, and will be willing to engage with our questions and concerns.

It would help if you could register your interest by email, but if not, just turn up on the day. All are welcome, a sandwich lunch will be provided, and those involved in any active way in the life of our community are particularly requested to be present if at all possible.

This issue is so important for our community.

Thank you,

Fr Ed