Dancing/Hopping at Echternach

On Tuesday 06 June (the Tuesday after Pentecost) the annual Dancing/Hopping procession (there are many videos on YouTube — search for Echternach procession) will be taking place in Echternach. Thousands of people from all over Luxembourg and beyond will be celebrating this day with the tradition procession. If you haven’t witnessed this (UNESCO recognised) event, you should! A group of 50 Irish pilgrims (Anglican and Catholic) are coming from Carlow with their respective bishops to join in the procession, with their youth band to lead them. We have been invited to join them in the procession, and there are 50 places reserved for any of us from our Catholic and Anglican communities.

If you (as a family, individual, or part of a group) would like to join in the procession, please let me know and I will reserve places. And if you’re not joining in the procession, it’s certainly worth witnessing this spectacle that has been celebrated in honour of St Wilibrord since the middle ages.

Praying for good weather,

Fr Ed