St Patrick’s Day

Since the beginning of our English-speaking Catholic community here in Luxembourg, the Irish community has been one of the main driving forces in our parish, in terms of faith, practical engagement, and supporting a spirit of openness to all-comers. And wherever there are Irish people, there is, of course, a celebration of St Patrick. His Feast Day, 17th March, is not just a national celebration, it is a celebration of the whole missionary activity of our Church.

This year, we are celebrating St Patrick in 3 ways, all closely linked: a procession from the Gelle-Frau (the golden statue opposite the cathedral), led  by a piper, to the church of St Alphonse; a Mass with Irish cultural references; then a feast at the back of the church.

Assemble at the Gelle-Frau at 10:40 for the procession to the church, Saturday 17th March:

Mass at 11:00

Feast in the church, 11:45-ish.

All welcome. And all must bring at least 2 friends who have never participated in a St Patrick’s Day celebration before 😉

Fr Ed