Creating Sacred Space at home

When we’re joining in prayers and Masses and Adoration online, it helps if we create Sacred Space — something that appeals very much to our Catholic imagination and culture. Here are some hints and tips that could enhance our prayer environment. Let us know how you get on with these, and send in pics to the parish email address.

  • Set aside a small table/corner of your room/shelf in your home
  • Light a candle (battery-powered candle with children) during prayer time
  • Light a scented candle!
  • Have an icon, a holy picture, a bible, a statue in your prayer space
  • Write down your prayer intentions and put them in your sacred space
  • Place photos of those you are praying for in your sacred space to help you focus
  • Turn off mobile phones, and resolve not to check email/messages during prayer time
  • If you wish to join in the prayers, print the orders of service and don’t be afraid of joining in at home!
  • Invite family members/flat-mates to join you in prayer

If you have more ideas, let us know!

Fr Ed