Palms for Palm Sunday

This Sunday is a Palm Sunday like no other, so we have to get creative! We will, of course, go ahead with blessing of palms at the beginning of Mass… just broadening the definition of palms. Thank you to Nancy for forwarding this idea — we find a branch, any branch, preferably with green leaves. Log in to watch the Mass live on Sunday, and have your branches with you. They will be blessed from a distance. Then, as the article suggests, you can display them in your home, in the window, on your front door, or on the wall.

Equally, you can make a cross with two twigs/branches, tying them together with thread.

Another suggestion which can accompany the one above is to make a palm cross out of paper. I tried this myself, in spite of not being good with paper…

Cut two strips of A4 1cm wide down the length of the paper, and stick them together so they are one long strip of paper 1cm wide. Cut one end of the strip into a point.

Then follow the instructions here (or on any other of the many YouTube videos out there. Then know your crosses will be blessed — and send a pic of your cross/your family celebration/your blessed branch/home-made wooden cross.

We will celebrate together on Sunday!

Fr Ed