Children’s Liturgy online – 24 May 2020

This Sunday, let’s recall everything that has happened over the last few weeks.

200524_prayerOn Good Friday, Jesus died on the Cross.

On Easter Sunday, he rose from the dead!

On Thursday of last week, we celebrated the Feast of the Ascension, when Jesus went to join his Father in Heaven.


This Sunday, we hear how Jesus prayed to his Father in Heaven for us. He showed us how we can pray to him as well.

In this week’s Children’s Liturgy by Zoom, we will explore different ways to pray. The worksheet includes prayer cards for children to cut out and colour in.

(An urgent appeal for Prayer!)


When Jesus went to join his Father in Heaven, he left us in charge of our world. Pope Francis sent us all a letter about this. With the coronavirus pandemic turning the world upside down, could now be the time to change things? What can you do about it?


(N.B. The Look worksheet for this week focuses on the Feast of the Ascension rather than the Gospel reading for the 7th Sunday of Easter: LOOK-Sunday-24th-May-2020)