Online meditation course

Marcella leads our mediation group, which practises meditation  in the Christian Tradition as practised by the Desert Fathers and Mothers in the 3rd and 4th centuries, and re introduced in our time to Christian communities by the  Benedictine monk and priest, John Main. She has brought to our attention an online course, which in these Covid Times  is a good way of spending time in prayer and contemplation! And it only costs 25 euros for quite a comprehensive course! Read on for more information.

Dear Friends,

Across the world, people have been, and continue to learn to live with a silent and unwelcome intruder, Covid 19 which is causing much devastation to health and well-being. So many lives lost, so many struggling with mental health concerns and long term anxiety as jobs disappear and poverty spreads. Even before the virus however, health and well-being has been an issue with obesity and mental health illnesses as two major concerns.

Our new course Meditation, Wellbeing and More is a journey that begins with an exploration of well-being and how our meditation practice allows us to overcome a significant barrier to true well-being by leaving self behind. John Main reminds us that we meditate every morning and evening to turn aside from what is passing away and to be more deeply committed to and inserted into what is eternal.

Please consider registering for this course yourself and promoting it on your community website and in your communications to meditation groups and others. This is a course that may appeal to those not yet involved in meditation who may as a result of doing the course, wish to join a meditation group. We would welcome your support in inviting people to do the course and in receiving your feedback on the course.

Wishing each of you deep peace and hope for better days ahead,

Cathy Day,
The School of Meditation, WCCM